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Dr Sanjeev Seth


Rochester, Minnesota - USA

Mini Resume 

Dr. Sanjeev Sethi graduated from Assam Medical College, India (MBBS, 1985) and completed his pathology residency at Sarojini Naidu Medical College (MD, 1989).  He pursued graduate studies thereafter at Albany Medical College, NY, and received his Ph.D. in Experimental Pathology (1991-1995). His PhD work was awarded the Dean’s certificate and the Leonard Procita award for the Most Outstanding Research. Subsequently, Dr. Sethi completed his Pathology residency at Yale University (1995-1999) and his fellowship in Renal Pathology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard University (1999-2001). 
He is currently a Professor at Mayo Clinic, Rochester. His primary interests and research are in 1) Glomerulonephritis, with a focus on an etiologic approach to glomerulonephritis, the role of monoclonal gammopathy in glomerulonephritis, and the role alternative pathway of complement in glomerulonephritis, 2) Application of proteomics in renal pathology. New diseases and pathways have been identified using this novel approach. These include identification of new types of amyloidosis, novel antigens in membranous nephropathy, and complementary pathways in glomerular diseases. These studies have resulted in over 275 peer-reviewed publications. He has also led consensus studies for classification of glomerulonephritis, monoclonal immunoglobulin-associated kidney diseases, membranous nephropathy and standardization of reporting and chronicity scoring of the kidney biopsy. Dr. Sethi is sought after speaker and has given over 200 invited lectures both nationally and internationally. For his contributions to renal pathology and clinical service, Dr. Sethi was awarded the Jacob Churg Award 2020 by the Renal Pathology Society and the Distinguished Clinician Award 2021 by Mayo Clinic, and the invited Pirani lectureship by Columbia University in 2022.

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Day 03 - Location Hotel Gran Odara - Room 1 - Time 08h

Day 03 - Location Hotel Gran Odara - Room 1 - Time 10:30am

“Membranous Nephropathy”.

“C3 glomerulopathy”.

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