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Gabriela Salvatte by Olivera Segri


Cuiabá - MT

Mini CV 

Experience in consulting in the area of Health Marketing for the food or personal care industries. Interest in Sensory Analysis, R&D and consumer studies. Experience in Quality and Development of Private Brands in a large multinational, sensory analysis and technical support for marketing actions. Experience in areas such as Experimental Cuisine, Product Research & Development, Child Nutrition, Quality.
"ATTITUDE NOTE 10" Certificate – Recognition received for work with the Walmart Customer Relationship Center – June/2012

Your Schedule

Day 02 - Room 1 - Time 4:40 pm

Day 02 - Room 1 - Time 4:40 pm

Mini-conference lasting 20 minutes on “Kidney Stones and Nutrition”.

“Chronic Kidney Disease and Nutrition”.

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