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Dr. Olberes Vitor Braga de Andrade

Pediatric Nephrology

Sao Paulo-SP

Mini CV 

Master in Nephrology from UNIFESP-EPM and Doctor in Medicine (Concentration Area in Pediatrics) from Santa Casa de São Paulo.
Specialist in Pediatric Nephrology and Pediatric Intensive Care Medicine.
Member of the Department of Pediatric Nephrology at SBN.
Doctor on the Pediatric Nephrology Team at Hospital Benciência Portuguesa in São Paulo.

Your Schedule

Day 03 - Room 2 - Time 10:00

Dia 02 - Sala 2 - Horário 16h

Day 03 - Room 1 - Time 1:30 pm

Day 03 - Room 2 - Time 1:30 pm

Mini-conference lasting 20 minutes on “Renal Replacement Therapy in Post-Cardiac Surgery”.


20-minute panel on “Sepsis and Kidney Injury Markers”.

“Sepsis and Markers of Kidney Injury”.

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