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Dr. Natasha Slhessarenko


Cuiabá - MT

Mini CV 

Graduated from the 10th UFMT

Pediatrician and Clinical Pathologist

Residency in Pediatrics and Clinical Pathology - USP

Master's and Doctorate - USP

Professor of Pediatrics at UFMT

Technical Responsible for Life Diagnostics and Health

Medical Director of CEDIC-CEDILAB-MT

Medical Director of ALTA-SP

Regional President of the Brazilian Society of Clinical Pathology

Regional Coordinator of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics

Member of the Mato Grosso Academy of Medicine

CFM Effective Advisor - 2019 to 2024

Coordinator of the CFM Rare Diseases Technical Chamber

MBA in Management and Public Policies from FGV in 2020

Your Schedule

Day 02 - Room 1 - Time 2:30 pm

Round Table lasting 20 minutes on “Understanding the Examination of Abnormal Sediment Elements - EAS and the Relationship with Urolithiasis”.

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