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Mari Estela Garcia


Curitiba - PR

Mini CV 

Nursing Assistant – Hospital Pequeno Príncipe Curitiba, 2006-2010.
Nurse – University Academic Center – Campos de Andrade- Uniandrade, 2012
Coordinator of the Nursing team at the Nefrokids Clinic in Curitiba, since 2010.
Clinical Research Nurse – Clínica NefrokidsCuritiba, since 2013.
Professional specialization in Nephrology – International University Center – Curitiba, 2017.
Professor of the Theoretical-Practical Training Course on Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunctions in Children at the Nefrokids Clinic.
Professor of the Extension Course in Pelvic Physiotherapy – subject of Voiding and Coloproctological Disorders in Childhood – Faculdade Inspirar de Curitiba.

Your Schedule

Day 01 - Location Hotel Gran Odara - Time 09:10

Day 01 - Location Hotel Gran Odara - Time 16:30

Day 02 - Location Hotel Gran Odara - Time 11:20

Pre-Congress “Preparation for invasive exams”.

Pre-Congress “Application of urotherapy in children undergoing intermittent catheterization”.

Pre-Congress “The nursing approach to neurogenic disorders”.

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