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Dr. Maria Helena Vaisbich

Pediatric Nephrology

Sao Paulo-SP

Mini CV 

He holds a master's degree and doctorate in Medicine (Nephrology) from the Federal University of São Paulo (1997). Currently, she is Vice-President of the Scientific Department of Nephrology of the São Paulo Pediatrics Society, Member of the Pediatric Nephrology DC of the Brazilian Society of Nephrology, Coordinator of the Rare Diseases Committee of the Brazilian Society of Nephrology. She works as an assistant doctor at the Instituto da Criança-HCFMUSP. She has experience in the field of Medicine, with an emphasis on Pediatrics and Nephrology, especially in rare diseases, working mainly on the following topics: tubulopathies, glomerulopathies, chronic kidney disease, Nephrology laboratory, preservation of renal function, thrombotic microangiopathies and kidney transplantation.

Your Schedule

Dia 02 - Sala 1 - Horário 12h

Day 02 - Room 2 - Time 2:00 pm

Day 02 - Room 1 - Time 4:00 pm

Day 02 - Room 1 - Time 4:40 pm

Day 03 - Room 1 - Time 12pm

“SYMPOSIUM - Satellite Class (AstraZeneca Rare Diseases)”.

“Session: RENAL CALCULOSIS PART I” Moderator.

Mini-conference lasting 20 minutes on “Genetic Lithiasis”.

Mini-conference lasting 20 minutes on “Hiperphosfaturia - Ultragenix”.

“SYMPOSIUM – Satellite Class (ALNYLAN)”.

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