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Dr. Maria Fernanda Carvalho

Pediatric Nephrology

Sao Paulo-SP

Mini CV 

She has worked at Hospital Samaritano de São Paulo since 1993, Coordinator of the Transplant Center at Hospital Samaritano since 2010. Responsible for the Intestinal Rehabilitation program for patients with ultra-short bowel since 2016. Head of the SoE of Nephrology and Transplantation at UHG Brasil since 2018.

Graduated in Medicine, she specialized in Pediatrics and Nephropediatrics at the Children's Institute of the Hospital das Clínicas (Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo) between 1992 and 1996. She specialized in the treatment of Chronic Renal Failure, Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysis and Transplantation. She is a member of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics, the Brazilian Society of Nephrology and the Brazilian Association of Organ Transplantation.

She participated in several research projects and published works, such as:
Epidemiology and Regional Inequalities, Inequality in pediatric kidney transplantation in Brazil, Long-segment thoracoabdominal aortic coarctation in a child with Down syndrome, Vascular anastomosis for pediatric kidney transplantation and new strategy in low-weight children, Growth of children with end-stage renal disease on daily hemodialysis, Estimated prevalence of end-stage chronic kidney disease in children in the state of São Paulo, Severe hypothyroidism in a child receiving long-term home parenteral nutrition without selenium, Risk factors for copper deficiency in children with intestinal failure, Block solution of citrate-taurolidine: impact on the incidence of catheter-related bloodstream infections in children with intestinal failure receiving parenteral nutrition at home, Factors associated with the evolution of nutritional status in children Intestinal Failure Monitored at an Intestinal Rehabilitation Center in Brazil.

Your Schedule

Day 04 - Room 1 - Time 09:15

Mini-conference lasting 45 minutes on “Management in Nephrology”.

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