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17:00 –Resident Experience

17:15 -18:00h - Directed Visit to Posters.


  • Glomerulopathies: Miniconferences


8h00min -Membranous Nephropathy.

                Speaker:Dr Sanjeev Sethi



8h20min -Questions


8:30 am -Diagnosis and treatment of bladder and intestinal dysfunction.

                Speaker:Dr. Rejane de Paula Bernardes


8h50min -Questions


9am – 9:30am -COFFEE BREAK


9:30 am -Pelvic Urophysiotherapy.

                Speaker: Dr. Carla Mercedes


9h50min -Questions


10am -Perineal Assessment, When to Think About Abuse?

                Speaker:Dr. Paulo Luiz Batista Nogueira


10h20min -Questions


10:30 am -New Genetic Markers of Systemic Arterial Hypertension.

                Speaker:Dr. Vera Hermina Kalika Koch


10h50min -Questions


11am -Systemic Arterial Hypertension: Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring – Map and Other Outpatient Records.

                Speaker:Dr. Lucimary de Castro Silvestre


11h20min -Questions


11:30 am - Crosstalk Kidney – Brain, Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome (PRES).

                Speaker:Dr. Pedro Miranda


11h50min -Questions


12pm - 1pm -Lunch Break – Satellite Class (Alnylan)

  • Sepsis: Panel (cases)


1:30pm -Sepsis and Kidney Injury Markers

                Speaker:Dr. Olberes Vitor Braga de Andrade


1:50pm -Water Overload How to Prevent and Treat

                Speaker:Dr. Nilzete Liberato


2:10 pm -Discussion of Clinical Cases.


  • Medical Education: Round Table


2:30 pm –Unicred Class


2:50 p.m. -Free theme


3:10 pm -Genetics and Kidney Diseases in Pediatrics.

                Speaker:Dr Marcial Francis Galera


3:30pm - 4pm -COFFEE BREAK


4pm - Palliative Care in Pediatric Nephrology.

                Speaker:Dr Caline Daisy da Silva Ojeda

4:20 pm - Forum: Professional Defense to give more time for discussion



  • Mini-conferences: GLOMERULOPATHIES


8h00min -Membranous Nephropathy.

                Speaker:Dr Sanjeev Sethi

*Simultaneous transmission from Room 1


8h20min -Questions


8:30 am -Role of Genetics in Segmental and Focal Glomerulosclerosis.

                Speaker:Dr. Luciana de Santis Feltran



8:50 am – Questions


9am-9:30am – COFFEE BREAK


9:30 am -IgA Nephropathy.

                Speaker:Dr. Oreste Ferra Neto


9h50min -Questions


10hmin -Lupus nephritis.

                Speaker:Dr. Marcelo Tavares



10:20 am –Questions


10:30 am-C3 glomerulopathy.

                Speaker:Sanjeev Sethi


10:50 am –Questions

11am -Neonatal Renal Replacement Therapy: Peritoneal Dialysis versus Continuous Therapy.

                Speaker:Dr Andreia Watanabe


11h20min -Questions


11:30 am -Renal Replacement Therapy and Sepsis.

                Speaker:Dr. Maria Cristina Andrade



11h50min - Questions


12pm - 1pm - Lunch Break - Satellite Class (Alexion).

  • TRS: Panel (cases)


1:30pm -Slow Renal Replacement Therapy.

                Speaker:Dr. Andreia Watanabe


1:50pm -Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy

                Speaker:Dr. Simone Vieira


2:10 pm -Discussion of Clinical Cases.


  • Kidney Transplant: Panel


2:30 pm -Kidney Transplant

        Speakers:Dr. Paulo César Koch Nogueira

                       Dr. Clotilde Druck Garcia

                      Dr. Suellen Martins

Moderator:Dr Lilian Palma



3:30pm - 4pm -COFFEE BREAK


4pm -Mini conference: Kidney Transplant.

                Speaker:Dr. Clotilde Druck Garcia


4:20pm -Free theme


4:40pm -Miniconference: Kidney Transplantation and New Challenges.

                Speakers:Paulo César Koch Nogueira

17:00 -Free theme

17:00 –Resident Experience

17:15 -18:00h - Directed Visit to Posters.

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